War Eagle Trail Hike

May 30, 2005

The War Eagle Trail is a two-mile trail in nearby Withrow Springs Park.  I wanted to take a few more shots with my new Canon S2 IS and was short on time, so I headed there.  It turned out to be a nice short trail with some lovely views.

The 16MB SD card that comes with the S2 only holds a few shots, and they are interspersed with shots from my old camera.  Hopefully you can spot the S2 shots.  (Otherwise, I've wasted my money...)  I will be able to take better pictures as I learn how to take advantage of the many, many features the S2 offers.  I will be able to experiment with the various shutter speed, ISO, exposure, and focus settings more easily when the 1GB SD card I have ordered arrives.


A panorama of the lovely view south from near the top of the trail*

A cow and her calf cooling off in War Eagle River

The cows at 12x zoom

The cows heading back to the field...

War Eagle River

More of War Eagle River

Still more of War Eagle River

(Note: I didn't get the exposure right on the last 3 S2 shots. I am still learning.)

A closer view of War Eagle River

Bluffs run alongside the river

The view from near War Eagle Cave back towards the trailhead

The entrance to War Eagle Cave

This small stream runs through War Eagle Cave

A stalagmite, damaged by years of touching by visitors to the cave

The stalactite above it

The stream flows out of the cave and into the river through this opening

A closer view of where the stream exits the cave. Notice the face-like moisture patterns on the rock...

A small cave near War Eagle Cave

The residence of one of the employees of Withrow Springs Park

A bridge of Madison County

Clint Eastwood has probably never been to this one...

*    Panorama created using the incredible AutoStitch program

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